1580 Spin and Tilt Table

Easily apply brickmold or casing to a pre-hung door unit with the RUVO 1580 table.


The RUVO 1580 Spin & Tilte Table allows one oeprator to apply casing or brick mold to one or both sides of the pre-hund door units.

The RUVO 1580 can freely spin the door unit around. Then with a push of a lever, the door unite can be tilted to either side for easy unloading. The feed-through door support on both ends makes it easy to get the door on and off.


  • Electrical: None required
  • Air: None required
  • Size: 41.5" H x 54" W x 106" L


  • Rotates the door 360°
  • Door Size:4' to 8' door

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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