Zonda: Webinar Covering Housing Market

Zonda – Get the latest housing market data from this National Housing Market Update webinar. Hear from Senior Managing Principal Tim Sullivan and Chief Economist Ali Wolf as they discuss trends and critical issues affecting the housing industry nationwide.

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About Zonda: Building the future of housing. We exist to inform, advise and connect the next generation of housing industry experts, leveraging the information, insights, and people that move the industry forward.

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Triad machines’ has placed their trust in Zonda, a company that specializes in providing data intelligence, engagement opportunities, and media solutions for the housing market. Zonda’s expertise in these areas has made them a reliable partner for Triad machines. By leveraging Zonda’s data intelligence, Triad machines can make informed decisions about the housing market and its trends. Zonda’s engagement opportunities enable Triad machines to connect with potential customers and build lasting relationships. Finally, Zonda’s media solutions provide Triad machines with effective tools to promote their brand and offerings in the housing market.

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