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RUVO has roots dating back to 1947, when company founder Rudolph "Rudy" Volkmer began manufacturing machinery in a small shop in Long Island, NY. RUVO was purchased by Merrick Machine Co. in 1990.

Since then, Merrick Machine Co. has refined and expanded the RUVO machine product line for door and millwork shops. As a result, RUVO Door Machines have become an integral part of the industry throughout the world. RUVO stands as the perfect complement to Merrick's Triad Machines product line of wall-panel, sub-component, window and stair manufacturing equipment.

Merrick Machine Co. was originally founded by Jim Merrick in 1961. It was established to manufacture a new line of highly automated and specialized machinery for home builders. Now over 50 years later, with RUVO Door Machines and Triad Machines, Merrick Machine Co. continues to be a leader in the industry.

Merrick Machine Company TODAY

Aerial Photo of Merrick Machine Co. today

Today Merrick Machine Company is one of the members of a diversified family of companies with footprints in Alda, and Hastings, Nebraska. From plastics to robotics, from machinery manufacturing to high tech mold machining, from Parts & Service to specialty tools for Auto Restorers - our diversification means that the companies have successfully weathered all kinds of economic environments and will be here to take care of helping you grow YOUR business. We are proud to put our products, our people, our manufacturing, and our service after the sale to work for you and your business.