Exterior Door Machines

Exterior door machines are advanced equipment specifically designed for the manufacturing and Exterior door production. These machines are engineered to handle the unique challenges posed by exterior doors, which require robust construction and weather-resistant properties. They incorporate cutting-edge technology and specialized features to ensure precise and efficient fabrication. Exterior door machines can perform a range of tasks, including cutting, shaping, profiling, mortising, and joinery, enabling the production of high-quality door components. They are equipped to handle various materials commonly used in exterior door construction, such as solid wood, metal, fiberglass, and composite materials. These machines play a vital role in streamlining the manufacturing process, improving productivity, and maintaining consistent quality standards. By automating complex and time-consuming tasks, exterior door machines enable door manufacturers to meet the stringent requirements of durability, security, and aesthetic appeal that exterior doors demand.

Door Lite Cutters

Ruvo 9696 Flow Thorough Door Lite Cutter

RUVO 9696 -
Flow-Through Cutter

The RUVO 9696 is a versatile door lite cutter for steel and wood doors. This cutter can easily follow door lite templates for accurate and precise cutting.

RUVO 9700 -
Versatile Cutter

The RUVO 9700 Door Lite Cutter series machines are manufactured to last under heavy use and are the finest available to wood and steel-edged door suppliers.

RUVO 9600 -
Coordinated-Axis Lite Cutter w/ Touchscreen

The RUVO 9600 is a multiple purpose machine with the capacity to cut most configurations of lites as well as lock prep functions with a minimum of operator involvement.

Door Assembly

RUVO 9620 -
Flip/Insert Tables

The RUVO 9620 Lite Flip/Insert Table allows an operator to easily install a door lite with the push of a button.

RUVO 9630 -
Frame Assembly Table

This versatile machine makes boring perfectly angled and spaced handrail holes for spindles a snap!

RUVO 9625 -
Hinge Installation Table

The RUVO 9625 Hinge Installation Table allows for easy attachment of hinges to the door and jamb for either left or right-hand doors.

RUVO 9640 -
Brick Mold Tilt Table

The RUVO 9640 Tilt Table simplifies the loading and finishing of the door unit. The brick molding and packing of the door unit can all be done on this table.

RUVO 9655 -
Exterior Assembly Table

The RUVO 9655 Exterior Assembly Table provides a fast and accurate method of assembling both side jambs and headers into a pre-hung unit.

RUVO 9645 -
Expandable Tilt Table

The RUVO 9645 with can work with extra wide doors and double hung doors (with or without transom and side lites) can be assembled and unloaded with ease.

RUVO 9610 -
Lite Disposal Table

The RUVO 9610 Lite Disposal Table collects the waste from the door that was just cut with a wheeled bin for easy waste disposal.

Door & Material Handling

RUVO 2002S -
Steel Door Loader

The RUVO 2002s Door Loader is designed to be used with the RUVO 9600 XY Templates Door Lite Cutter for the RUVP 9696 Door Lite Cutter.

RUVO 1580 -
Spin and Tilt Table

The RUVO 1580 Spin & Tilt Table allows one operator to apply casing or brick mould to one or both sides of the pre-hung door units.

RUVO 1547 - 1549
Material Carts

Material carts play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry, tools for efficient material handling and transportation within production facilities.

Jamb Prep

RUVO 9808 -
Hinge and Strike Jamb

The RUVO 9808 Hinge & Strike Jamb is to be used in conjunction with the machining and prep for steel door assembly or whenever a special machine is required.

RUVO 800A -
Hinge and Strike Jamb Mortising Machine

The RUVO 800A Hinge and Strike Jamb will be used to manufacture and prepare steel door assembly or whenever a special machine is required for processing jambs.

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