RUVO 1608 Stop Stitcher

The RUVO 1608 Door Stop Stitcher is a machine dedicated to the efficient alignment and attachment of stops to split or solid jambs and headers.

The RUVO 1608 Stop Stitcher is another precision machine to save valuable time, increase efficiency and improve product quality.

It is a rugged and reliable machine and would be an asset to any competitive pre-hung door supplier not using split jambs with pre-molded stops.

The RUVO 1608 enables an operator to align and attach stops to split or solid jambs and headers with speed and precision.

The RUVO 1608 is fitted with a positive air clamping system straightening any reasonable bow or warp in both the jamb and the stop. Nine remote firing staple guns can be fired simultaneously. Narrow 1/8″ crown staples are recommended for minimum marring of stops.

A jamb and a stop is placed against the right-or-left-hand side from either side of the machine. The operator then clamps the material by pressing the foot operated switch.

Choose between firing three or four guns for headers or all seven guns for side members.

The RUVO 1608 is custom-built to utilize any brand of staple gun the customer selects. Guns are to be obtained and supplied to RUVO by purchaser. The cost of the guns is not included in the quoted price.

Door Stud Stitcher

Ruvo 1608 Stop Stitcher


  • Electrical Standard: None
  • Air Requirements: Approx. 1.0 CRM at 90 PSI
  • Machine Size: 10’L x 2’W x 5’H
  • Machine Weight: 650lbs.

Video Demonstration of RUVO 1608


  • Jamb Length: 6’8″ – 8’0″
  • Jamb Width: 2-1/2″ – 10-1/2″
  • Staples suggested: 1/8″ narrow crown x 1″ -1-1/4″ long with divergent point

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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