Vertical Workflow

Vertical Workflow

This vertical workflow shop layout is centered around the RUVO 505, which handles doors in a vertical workflow. It has around a 75 to 100 unit capacity and a 2,300 sq. foot floor space requirement.

RUVO 505
Pre-Hung Door Machine

RUVO 1278
Door Assembly Table

RUVO 512
Hinge Strike Jamb

RUVO 1545
Raw Material Cart

RUVO 1546/47
Door Cart

Vertical Workflow Door Assembly

Maximize Efficiency with Vertical Workflow Door Assembly

Our state-of-the-art workshop layout at Ruvo door Machines is designed to optimize your door manufacturing process through a revolutionary vertical workflow. With our advanced Vertical Workflow Door Machines, you can streamline your assembly process, saving time and effort while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Why Choose Vertical Workflow:
  • Space Efficiency: Our vertical approach utilizes the available workshop space efficiently. By stacking the workflow vertically, we make the most of your floor area, allowing for a more organized and productive environment.
  • Seamless Integration: Our Vertical Workflow Door Machines are designed to work seamlessly together, creating a smooth transition from one assembly stage to the next. This integrated approach reduces bottlenecks and ensures a continuous, efficient process.
  • Precision and Quality: Vertical assembly doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Our machines are engineered to deliver precise cuts, joints, and finishes, guaranteeing the highest quality doors for your customers.
  • Time Savings: Eliminate the need for excessive material handling and movement. With a vertical workflow, your team can focus on assembly rather than navigating through a cluttered workspace, saving significant time.

Whether you’re a small custom door shop or a large-scale manufacturer, our Vertical Workflow Door Assembly offers the ideal solution to boost your productivity. Experience the difference today with Ruvo Door Machines. Explore our innovative workshop layout and discover how our Vertical Workflow can transform your door manufacturing process.

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