RUVO 9600 Door Lite Cutter

The RUVO 9600 TOUCH is a multiple purpose machine with the capacity to cut most configurations of lites as well as lock prep functions with a minimum of operator involvement. The (all new) touchscreen interface is both intuitive AND prevents accidental changes of parameter values. It features coordinated dual-axis (X and Y) for smooth curves and sharp corners in the lite, as well as a third axis for positioning and oscillating the head throughout the cut to preserve bit life. A lot of thought and engineering have gone into the NEW RUVO 9600 TOUCH, and it shows!

The RUVO 9600 TOUCH is a multipurpose machine with the capacity to cut virtually any configuration of door lites, as well as perform lock prep functions. An optional peep-hole cut is now also available.

The automatic rectangle lite feature allows the operator to perform other duties, while the door is being cut: preparing the next door for processing, removing finished cut-outs for disposal, the application of hinges, the application of bottom weather strip, and more.

The sixteen combinations of preset rectangular lite sizes enable the RUVO 9600 to cover most lite cutting needs without adjustments, virtually eliminating change over time.

The automatic edge prep features will reduce operator strain and fatigue. The vacuum and debris blow-off systems produce a cleaner dust free environment.

The RUVO 9600 TOUCH can handle a side lite as small as 12” to 24” wide and door sizes up to 24” wide and 8’ 0” long. The RUVO 9600 is equipped with a fully adjustable vertical oscillating bit, which prolongs overall bit life.

It also comes with 4 width height preset rectangular lite sizes (accommodates peepholes).

ruvo 9600 Coordinated Lite Cutter


  • Electrical Standard: 230 Volts, 3PH, 10AMPs, 60Hz
  • 230 Volts, 3PH, 10AMPs, 60Hz
  • 208 Volts, 3PH, 12AMPs, 60Hz
  • 480 Volts, 3PH, 5AMPs, 60Hz
  • Air Requirements: 1.0CFM at 120 PSI
  • Lite Cutter Motor: 2HP, 3450 RPM
  • Machine Size: 11’L x 8’W x 6’H
  • Machine Weight: 2500 lbs.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Door Height 8’0″
  • Door Width: 28″ to 48″
  • Lock Bore Sizes: Standard 1-1/2″ to 2-1/8″
  • Dead Bolt Sizes: Standard 1-1/2″ to 2-1/8″
  • Corner Radius: Standard 1/4″

Optional Features

  • All 9600 Accessories
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Infeed Conveyor
  • Heavy Duty Cutters
  • Additional Lite Disposal Carts
  • Door Carts
  • Outfeed Conveyors

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